Air Conditioning Consultation & Design

New Balance A/C Inc. provides comprehensive design and HVAC consulting services. We make sure all equipment is matched per ARI (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute) standards. Before we install or make any recommendations we perform Manual J Residential Load Calculation.

Heat Load Calculation (Manual J)
The Heat Load Calculation (Manual J) produces equipment sizing loads for single-family-detached homes, small multi-unit structures, condominiums, town houses and manufactured homes. As a result, we can design air conditioning systems that accommodates homes that have exceptional architectural features and life style accessories such as:

  • Dwellings that have limited exposure or no exposure diversity
  • Homes with large south-facing glass area or rooms with unusually large glass area
  • A thermally isolated solarium
  • Customized internal load estimates

Furthermore, ac technicians are trained to account for sensitivity to an increased variety of issues related to construction materials and methods including:

  • Fenestration loads for glass rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)
  • Improved duct load models
  • Improved methods for estimating the effect of internal and external shading devices, including insect screens
  • Infiltration estimated based on blower door test
  • Sensitivity to latitude and altitude
  • Sensitivity to skylight glazing material, curb con¬struction and light shaft construction
  • Heat gain sensitivity to roofing material, roof color and the use of radiant barrier
  • Heat loss and gain for log walls, structural foam panels, aerated autoclaved concrete block, insu¬lated form concrete panels, brick walls, concrete walls, wood foundation walls, and any other types of walls and insulation options

The bottom-line – New Balance A/C Inc. can properly design a heating and air condition system that will ensure comfort in your home.

Duct Work Design

Heat Load Calculation (Manual J)