When I learned Dozer had won York’s HotSpot COOLEST Pet in Houston contest, I was over the moon. The A/C and heating unit in our home had stopped working a year ago, so my family and I were living in the Houston heat with just a window unit. Needless to say, we were more than ready for the brand new York Affinity Heating and Cooling System Dozer had won for us.

I’ve participated in contests in the past, and while the process of competing might be quick and painless, actually receiving the prize has often proven to be a taxing experience. There are usually hoops to jump through and unexpected strings attached. So it was with a little trepidation that I approached the grand prize phase of the COOLEST Pet in Houston contest.

I could not have been more wrong.

My grand prize began at the Houston SPCA. I was invited to attend the check ceremony at the Houston SPCA on the Thursday before Christmas. The $5,000.00 donation was given to the Houston SPCA in York’s, Dozer’s and my name. It was wonderful to be part of the event.

My grand prize continued the following Monday when the good folks at New Balance A/C, Inc arrived at my house to install my brand new unit. They were there from early that morning until about 5 that night – they didn’t even stop for a break! My husband had to practically force them to drink some bottled water.

They were VERY professional, didn’t cut any corners, took their time and made sure everything was done right. They even picked up after themselves after I told them we would take care of it – I could go on and on about just how fantastic they were. However, one particular event really just speaks to the character of their employees.

They left my house the evening of the installation and a few minutes later I noticed one of their trucks parked on the highway. After several minutes, they came back to my house with a special surprise. A few days before the installation, a kitten had been dumped near my house and we had temporarily adopted her until we could find a good home. Apparently, that kitten decided to take a ride in their fender and flew out when they turned on the highway to head home for the day.

They could have just kept heading toward home (I live almost an hour away) and acted like it never happened. However, they didn’t do that. They stopped, found her and brought her back to me. You don’t often see men do that – it really spoke to who they are.The GREAT NEWS: The kitten has been adopted, and her new owners named her Cosmo.

From this point forward I am a HUGE fan of York and New Balance A/C. During the installation, there were, of course, a few bumps that had to be worked out before everything was finished, but they didn’t give up, and more importantly they didn’t just piece it together. They found out what was needed and came back with the right parts. You don’t even get that when you are paying for service, and let me be clear: I didn’t have to pay a dime. New Balance A/C generously donated their time and services as Houston’s Hottest York Dealer. I would – and have – recommended them to EVERYONE I know.

I am beyond ecstatic with the service and attention I received throughout the duration of the contest and especially during the end.

Dozer, myself and the rest of our family thank you so much for everything!